The Wall of Ideas

We work with education leaders who want to create a better education experience for students and who:

  • value the collective wisdom of staff, students, and parents

  • commit to incorporating prioritized input into a continuous improvement process

  • trust distributed leadership across an organization

  • seek out and nurture community partnerships

  • embrace failure as a part of innovation


If this describes you as a leader, we would love to support the work you are doing in your education community, whether you lead a school, district or education organization. 

about catapult


our mission

To provide education communities with a structured process to identify, prioritize, and test ideas and solutions from staff and students in order to create a culture of innovation and drive organizational change.

our vision

A thriving culture of innovation exists in every education community.

Over the past fifteen years, leading companies in a wide range of industries outside of education have used crowdsourced innovation for identifying solutions that will deliver bottom-line results. Education leaders now have access to this innovation strategy and the ability to transform their communities in profound ways.


CatapultEd was founded with the knowledge that innovation in education requires a structured, well-designed, replicable start-to-finish process that will not only produce innovative ideas and solutions but will improve stakeholder ownership, distribute leadership opportunities across the organization, and increase community partnerships that support innovative efforts.

The by-products of this innovation process; ownership, leadership, and partnership, become the foundation of your education community, helping build consensus and drive your organization forward. 

CatapultEd provides the resources and support needed for education organizations to harness the potential of their stakeholders in a process to identify, prioritize, and test innovative ideas and solutions that address the problems and unmet needs that exist in our education world today.

student voice
educator voice
parent voice

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us for more information.