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Wall of ideas

Unlock Potential.

A structured idea and innovation management process to engage your stakeholders in designing and building the future of your organization.

the catapult framework

We have designed an innovation process based on innovation methods proven effective in industry-leading Fortune 500 companies. Our structured and cyclical approach creates transparency and predictability, allowing school and district leaders to focus on the new ideas and opportunities that will move their organization forward. CatapultEd provides a fresh approach to problem solving in the education space and a compelling new take on the strategic planning process.


We will help you identify the focus of your innovation work. You may choose to align this work with an existing strategic plan, continuous improvement process, or relevant focus area. We will provide resources and strategies for building a strong innovation program, including access to a network of innovative education leaders.



crowd-based innovation initiative becomes the catapult for your innovation work. This critical event creates tremendous potential by tapping into the knowledge and experiences of staff, students, and community members, ultimately increasing organizational ownership, distributed leadership, and education partnerships .



"Innovation is “1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” We will guide you through the next phase of your work: taking top ideas prioritized by your stakeholders and testing them immediately. This is done by applying human-centered design and lean startup methodologies to create lean prototypes for testing.

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