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Wall of ideas

Elevate Stakeholder Voice

Align strategic vision, goals and strategies to the priorities of your stakeholders in an iterative, agile and futuristic framework.



Innovation Software

CatapultEd is a proud K-12 Education Partner of Brightidea. Using Brightidea's idea and innovation management software,  CatapultEd will help you launch a crowd-based initiative for your stakeholders and will manage the platform from start to finish.


Project Management

Managing new projects is the ongoing work that creates a sustainable innovation program. CatapultEd will work with you to configure a project pipeline to provide structure to the testing, iterating and scaling of your ideas, creating transparency in this process.


Innovation Consulting

The success of your innovation program depends directly on the work of your education leader. CatapultEd will work with you to build a strong and informed leadership team that will support your crowd-based initiative and ensure fidelity across all aspects of the process.

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